At MUNSC Salient 2018 we will be taking a closer look at the notion of security in the 21st century. Days when security was framed strictly in military terms are long past. Today, security is often defined separately within specific sectors (e.g. energy security, health security, food security, water security, cyber security), while also taking more cross-sectional (e.g. urban security) and sometimes even somewhat intangibly comprehensive forms (e.g. livelihood security and human security).

Regardless of the respective idiosyncratic sectoral definitions, the fact of the matter remains that contemporary societal processes remain inextricably intertwined. No single dimension of security can be said to exist independently from the wider political, economic, scientific, technological or legal context. In this sense we hope to discover both what enables as well as what stands in the way of achieving greater security for all human beings both individually as well as collectively, and irrespecutful of their position within the world system.

As in previous years the conference will roughly be separated into two sets of activities: simulation exercises - reserved for delegates chosen in advance through a rigorous selection process; and panel discussions - open to the general public and entirely free of charge. Content-wise both of these categories will be thoroughly informed by the overarching theme outlined above, and additionally supplemented by informative content in various forms distributed on this website as well as through various social media platforms.