Jenny Sørvold


Jenny Sørvold recently finished a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Oslo, and has since then moved on to studying French further north in Norway. Her main academic interests lie within modern European history, ethnic conflicts, the Western Balkans and security politics and she has previously gotten a taste of the real diplomatic life and international relations by interning at the Norwegian Embassy in Zagreb and the Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights. Since she started studying she has participated in numerous conferences, in the roles as delegate, organizer, chair and as Secretary-General of BIMUN 2016. Alongside with everything these conferences have taught her she has gained many friends for life, making sure that the MUN world will continue to be part of her life in the future. Honored and exited by being appointed this year’s Secretary-General for MUNSC Salient, she looks forward to welcoming you all in one of her favorite cities and conferences, together with a fantastic team!


Stéphanie Toschi


Stéphanie Toschi is currently a post-graduate student at the College of Europe in Bruges, where she pursues an Advanced Masters in EU International Relations and Diplomacy. She has previously participated in a number of Model UN conferences and is always amazed by the different people and characters she gets to meet and work close with. The highlight of her MUN career was her appointment as Secretary-General of BerlinMUN last year, a conference which she still looks back to with a smile on her face. Outside (and during) MUNs, she enjoys the occasional gin and tonic and loves good food in good company. She is beyond excited to be joining everyone in Ljubljana this year as Deputy Secretary-General, as she has heard only good things about MUNSC Salient and cannot wait to experience it and contribute to it herself. With Jenny as Secretary-General, she has no doubt that this will be a fantastic conference full of opportunities to grow.




Matic is a student of International Relations at the University of Ljubljana. When he joined MUN Slovenia Club a few years ago, little did he know what a precious journey he is embarking on. Be it fighting for just or unjust causes as a delegate, enforcing the rules of procedure as presiding officer, orchestrating mischief with his crisis scenarios, or being part of the organising team, Matic made plenty cherished memories along the way. Having experienced educational systems of Slovenia, Japan, Denmark, and the United Kingdom, Matic learned to appreciate the value of different perspectives, as well as uniqueness of cultures and individuals. MUNs never fail to affirm him in conviction that there are plenty amazing people out there to meet and befriend.

Photo: Lukas DC Photography

Photo: Lukas DC Photography

Ana Victoria Martín Corral


Ana is a 21-year-old student in the small and picturesque Spanish town of Salamanca, where she was first introduced to the MUN world at 16, through her home conference MUNUSAL. While she went on to study Medicine, the so-called MUN virus lay -mostly- dormant for years, until recently, when she started attending MUNs left and right. She especially enjoyed her role as journalist, which allowed her to have a broader view of a conference and exercise her typing skills. This will be her first time as Editor-in-Chief, and she is incredibly excited to bring you the best media team an MUN has even seen. Aim high, right? In her spare time she likes having deep conversations (drinks optional), monopolizing the karaoke machine and meeting interesting people from all over the world, which are all things she's hoping to do with you in Ljubljana this July.

Photo: Lukas DC Photography

Davide Annarumma


Born and raised in Salerno, in the sunny south of Italy, Davide is a 24 years old wannabe Eurocrat, with a Master’s degree cum laude in International Relations at the LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome, after a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Salerno. Almost three years ago, he discovered the MUN world, and since then he has covered any possible role: he has been delegate, legal advisor, president of the EU Commission, Chairperson, Under-SG and Secretary-General. He has been an intern at the EU Commission Representation in Rome, closely working with the European Semester Officer, in the economic department and now is working in one of Italy’s leading financial newspapers. So, as his last conference (but we know what "last conference" means), he will chair the Security Council, the perfect coronation of his MUN Career. He looks forward to see you all in Ljubljana!


Tanja Aminata Bah


Tanja started her MUN career with attending conferences for FinMun (Finnish Model United Nations society) in 2015, while on exchange in Helsinki. Now, Tanja has been attending several MUNs in Europe successfully, be it as a delegate in the Harvard WorldMUN or as a chair at KarlMUN Aachen. Her "specialty" is the UN Security Council on issues surrounding situations on the African continent, minorities’, refugee and women’s rights. After finishing her B.A. in History and African Studies at the University of Cologne, Tanja now studies Curating at the University of the West of England, Bristol. As part of her degree, she is working with museums within the Museum Service, to improve access to museums and engage disadvantaged communities. Additionally, she is volunteering with a range of political and cultural organizations, with the aim to improve intercultural and intersectional understanding. In her spare time, she is a big fan of science fiction, video gaming, and travel. 




Aurora is a third year BA student of History and Politics in Bonn, the beautiful former capital of Germany. She grew up in Germany and Turkey, enjoying an upbringing that taught her to appreciate internationalism and consequently MUNing. MUNing has been a big part of her life for the last one and a half years having been delegate, journalist and conference manager. In MUNing she is able to combine all of her passions, the academic excellence of debates most often about politics but always also about history, the urge to travel and joy of experiencing new cities, the excitement of meeting new people and the bliss of making new friends. Aurora is a lover of literature, wine and the sea but also always down to party- a fact she regrets most (conference) mornings. At Salient she is looking forward to discussing a topic very dear to her and chairing alongside Santiago!




Santiago Cuervo Escobar is a Colombian citizen living in Berlin studying Social Sciences at Humboldt University. He completed his high school studies in the prestigious San Bartolome School, where since 2008 he has participated in Model of United Nations, becoming them in an important and special part of his life. He already made two years of History in Colombia and decided to finally take the next step in his educational path coming to Germany to find suitable opportunities to his academical scope. He is looking forward to welcome you to the UN Human Rights Council at MUNSC Salient 2017, to make your MUN experience as wonderful as his own and to make you feel the most important part of this amazing project. 




Hello everyone! I would like to welcome you to the European Union Foreign Affairs Council (EU FAC) as one of your Chairs for the MUNSC Salient conference! This conference will be several firsts for me – my first time as a chair in this conference, my first time chairing the EU FAC and lastly, my first time in Ljubljana, Slovenia. My name is Daryl Tiglao, a 4th year undergrad student studying law in the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom; with an interest in all things EU related. In terms of my MUN experience I have concluded my 14th conference just a few weeks ago in Leuven – seven in the UK and seven in mainland Europe. I aim to make use of those experiences to turn this committee into a great one. Believe me, I know committees, I know all the best committees on both sides of the Channel.




Having grown up bilingually, Livija developed a mania for languages early on. Be it the universal allure of French and Italian or the quirkiness of Swedish and Norwegian - Icelandic being a distant crush she still muses over -, she enjoys the challenge of finding new ways to express herself (and obsessing over bilingual Scandinavian TV series) and hopes that one day, Russian would become more than just a fleeting acquaintance.While she seems to be rather contradictory – nurturing an undying love for Chopin, yet quitting the piano after eight years, performing at drama festivals when stage fright used to be a major thing –, our Austrian-born procrastinator par excellence likes to believe she makes a bit more sense nowadays. But then again, what did Morrissey say? There is no such thing in life as normal. Currently working as a trainee at the European Parliament Information Office in Slovenia, Livija aspires to work in the field of human rights and migration.