Katja is the president of Model United Nations Slovenia Club and has been an an ardent MUN enthusiast ever since she got dragged into the whole a fair by her colleagues a few years back. She is doing her master thesis in International relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana and currently works for Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Although she is preoccupied with organizing this year's conference, she always finds time for a good concert and spends time with her friends. When Salient ends, she will take some time to relax, travel, read a good book and ease into sweet nothing. Of course she looks forward to meeting you all and spending a week of pure awesomeness with the greatest people of MUN world. And some advice at the end: being sarcastic is in Katja’s nature. So try to cope with it.


Laura is a student of international relations by day, designer by night. Legend has it that she is currently working on her master thesis, but in reality she is testing her own procrastination abilities. She strongly believes punk is not dead, but very much alive, although she doesn't go around screaming “Anarchy!”. Usually she is brutally honest, which doesn’t sit well with some people, so beware! She is crazy about colours and believes any colour goes, as long as it’s red. Or orange. She likes to learn new things and is passionate about digital design, user experience, languages and entrepreneurship, and is always looking for ways how to connect all of her interest together. She was never really into MUN, but has enjoyed being part of the MUNSC/Salient family. She is looking forward to this year’s Salient, because she intends to kick it up a notch compared to last year!


A person who is in love with MUNing since he first tried it many years ago and could not resist it. He is currently the Head Delegate of the MUN Slovenia Club and a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, where he studies international relations. He is also an active delegate, always prepared to visit foreign countries and conferences, to debate about politics and to meet new friends. This year at Salient, Gašper will make sure everything goes according to plan since he is also serving as the Head of logistics. Apart from the MUN world, Gašper likes to read a book, watch series or hangs with his friends. He hopes to see all of his MUN friends in Ljubljana in July and he is also happy to meet all the newcomers. He is certain, you will love it!


Still an IR postgraduate student at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. Intrigued by social and political dimensions of scientific development and human understanding of technology. Loves theory. Sometimes fumbles with practice. Finally got his gaming relapse. Went better than expected. Questions > charisma. Does not welcome our AI overlords. Recently began developing a keen interest in storytelling. Fascinated by the organizational aspect of MUN conferences. Eager to explore MUN beyond MUN. Currently enjoys: listening to experimental electronic music, playing Bloodborne, writing his MA thesis (no, seriously), making plans for his post-MUN future. Looks forward to: doing some reading on pirates, the new Blade Runner movie, July.



Nick Vovk finished a dual Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Ljubljana while also attending Charles University in Prague and Comenius University in Bratislava as an exchange student. He had always kept close to development issues, assisting various field research, most notably on street children in India and female education in Morocco. Conscious of his knowledge deficits in the world of international relations, he had joined the wider UNAS network some years ago which also led him to take on a research internship at UNDP in Kosovo. Currently employed as an expert at the Institute for Developmental and Strategic Analysis and the Slovenian Research Agency in Ljubljana, his research interest in innovative pedagogy make him just the person to curate yet another Salient workshop in 2017.


Jure Macuh is currently an undergraduate student at the Faculty of Social Sciences of European Studies. Since falling in love with Model UN last year, he has become a devoted minion to the MUNSC. He is constantly looking for new challenges in the MUN world and believes that the experience accumulated by accepting these challenges is invaluable for anyone who strives to have a critical view of the international community and has a genuine interest of shaping it. Moreover, he stresses that the biggest reward after any MUN conference are the people you have the privilege of meeting. He says that even after all the extensive debates and possible disagreements within councils, you are always lucky enough to call them friends. Since MUNSC Salient has a special place in his heart, he is very sure that everyone attending the conference will share his perspective.


All around fabulous lover of fashion and traveling is our member of the logistic team, Maša. As an admirer of literature, history, and philosophy she decided to embark on a MUN trip in her first year of International Relations at the University of Ljubljana. An overly excited, talkative, and loud member of MUNSC she has participated in several MUNs including last year’s Salient European Council, she was awarded best delegate in the latter as well as at some other conferences. She tried out chairing at SMUN 2016 and two day conferences in Ljubljana but concluded she is far more interested in organising hotel costs and delivering juice to the participants.


Magdalena Rakovec is a 2nd year student of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. She has been a part of the MUN Slovenia Club for almost two years now and it has been a blast. She loves going to international conferences as they always turn out to be a true roller-coaster – in a positive way, of course. If you decide to come to Salient you will probably meet her at one of the socials where she will be one of the last people standing since she simply cannot leave a party until it is over. Also, she goes through a minor existential crisis twice a week and if possible she will always miss a deadline for anything MUN related, including this extensive description of myself.


Amanda is a 20 years old student of international relations in Ljubljana. Her MUN path started in 2015 when she got adopted by MUNSC and got the craziest family in the world. Since then she participated at several conferences and obtained one best delegate award (which she is extremely proud of). She is a very calm and organized person, she loves to spend her evenings at home while listening to Chopin with her cat :D  Jokes aside, we proudly present you one of the social event organizers at this year’s MUNSC Salient! She promises you’ll have great fun at various events that will please every one of you (unless you are a boring couch potato)!


Patrik Bole studies International relations on the Faculty of Social Sciences. He has participated in several international MUN conference s in Mostar, Sarajevo, Munich. While he sees himself as a true democrat, others in his committees would not seem to share his view as they usually proclaim him as a Dictator and as someone who is either likely to end up in prison or assasinated. So much much about democracy eh? His matching country is Venezuela as he is ready to rant everytime there is imperialism on the agenda. In real life Patrik is currently busy with establishing a student society for international relations while also being active in several other societies and youth organizations.


Jera is a student of Cultural studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, which makes her the one and only (non-political student) in the club. She recently joined MUN and people call her ‘’the designer in training’’. It was a perfect opportunity for her to join MUN, to develop her artsy skills and help other designers to beat Photoshop in all of its greatness and complexity. Drawing, taking photos, designing and everything else that comes with it are one of her passions along with arts, music, performing, culture as such and other social activities. Her better and smaller half is one of the people who will probably drive you crazy during the conference, but she’s also guilty of Jera becoming part of the team, so may all the sins be forgiven. She’s very excited to meet y’all and to ba a part of the conference for the first time.


At the age of 23 Dino is still studying. He is currently enrolled in Master of International Relations at the University of Ljubljana, where his main focus is diplomacy and diplomatic practice. He got into MUNs based on rumours that he will have a blast. The latter was quite true. In 2016 he was quite active as he attended MostiMUN and also helped with the organisation of MUNSC Salient 2016. This year is no different. Beside all serious stuff, he enjoys a good laugh and great food. In his spare time he likes to hang out with his mates, play basketball and just do nothing. He lives by the rules of a Wise Rafiki meme: time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. In the future he wants to finish his MA degree and get a serious job as an ambassador. In reality, he doesn’t want to grow up.